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This is the companion website to the radio program Rare Frequency.

  • This is the second version of the Rare Frequency website. It (re)launched on Sunday, August 14, 2005. Here are some version 1 screen shots for the curious or nostalgic.
  • This site does its best to adhere to web standards and to be accessible to all site visitors. Those using screen readers and older browsers can access all the information on this site, but without visual design elements. Upgrading to Firefox (PC/Mac) or Safari (Mac) is recommended for all others.
  • Playlist data is provided by Spinitron, a web service offering online playlists for interesting radio stations. Spinitron was developed by a fellow ZBC DJ.
  • For those interested in such things, if you have Flash 6 or higher installed, you'll see headlines in the OCR-A typeface by Adrian Frutiger (1968), which are generated via sIFR. The Rare Frequency logo and navigation use ITC Franklin Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton (1902).
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