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Guest for March 3: Bhob Rainey

Local experimental musician, Bhob Rainey, of nmperign and BSC fame, will be our guest in the studio to present his radio play:

"When you talk, You hear from the Other Side"

A 26-minute piece based around two found wire spools. The spools were recorded in 1951 and 1952 by a family in western Massachusetts, mostly chronicling Christmas Day, 1951. The recorder was gift to an eleven-year-old boy, who does the bulk of the talking, though the adults get in their time with the machine as well. There are even moments with the salesman demonstrating the unit to potential customers.

The piece surrounds a maddening collage from the wire spool with other found recordings, homemade synthesizers, and some modern kitsch from Wildwood, New Jersey. A narrative appears and disappears, masking as a radio play, an opera, musique concrete, or a segment from "This American Life."

For more information about Bhob Rainey, click here. The plan is to play this at approximately 8pm EST.

In addition to the radio play, this week's show will feature new music by COH, Luc Ferrari & erikM, and Francisco Lopez.


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