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Alexander Rishaug
 Possible Landscape
 (Asphodel) CD

One from the vaults, so to speak. A review of one my favorite discs of 2004, which I recently revisited and found (happily enough) was just as fantastic as I had initially thought. This review originally appeared in the Weekly Dig.

This is Alexander Rishaug?s second solo album, but you can be forgiven if you missed his first, Panorama, since it got precious little notice outside of his native Norway. Panorama featured some pretty, Oval-eque stuttering electronics, but it?s with Possible Landscape that Rishaug really comes into its own. Marrying pulsating melodic drones with more abrasive textural elements, Rishaug draws on field recordings (sometimes processed, sometimes not) and live instruments to add a bit of grit to the mix. The heaven is in the details, and it?s worth paying close attention to the quiet riot of sounds at play here and to take in the many twists and turns of an epic track like ?Dual Appearance.? This is definitely an album that gets better each time you listen to it. But take care that you don?t get too comfortable with the soothing sounds of Mr. Rishaug, because every so often you?re liable to get an ear-cleansing blast of static (the brilliant, ?My Favourite Place? has brought me some truly exquisite tinnitus-inducing pain on more than one occasion). Rishaug floats like a butterfly and stings like the proverbial bee.


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