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Transrapid & Transvision

Transvision and Transrapid are the first in the Transall trilogy of 3" cds by Germany's Carsten Nicolai aka alva.noto. According to Nicolai, each of the cds deals with one of three interrelated themes: the increased speed of information flow, utopias, and the fragmentation of ideas. Yet, in spite of their conceptual specifics, in most respects, these spiffily-packaged little cds fit neatly into the overall Nicolai/noto catalog, deftly balancing glacine beauty and buzzing, synapse-jiggling funk. That's not to say that these two mini-cds are simply two more exquisitely cut slices of the same old alva.noto pie. There are surprises to be found ? most notably in Transvision, which has an uncharacteristically aggro feel that's akin to Pan Sonic at their more minimal and bracing, although with Nicolai's more delicate touch. Transrapid is the funkier of the two, but both are highly enjoyable, as Nicolai maintains a pristine groove thoughout that will have a fair share of pointy-headed hipsters bobbing their nogs as they marvel at the sweet clarity of Nicolai's finely fragmented pops, buzzes and hums.


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