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Brendan Murray
 Resting Places
 (Sedimental) CD

Brendan Murray has been a central figure in Boston's experimental music scene for some years now. In spite of this, much of his recorded work (as choice as it has been thus far) has been frustratingly difficult to obtain here, there or elsewhere, which means his music is not nearly as widely known as it should be. Perhaps this will change with Resting Places, his third full-length release and his first on the Sedimental label (run by former ZBC DJ Rob Forman). One can only hope that it does, since this is a bona fide stunner. Each of the four extended pieces is an engrossing mix of rumbling hums, bell-like tones, and a haze of sonic particulants of unknown origin. In an interview, Brendan once likened his compositional methods to that of a filmmaker in the editing room, and here he is a master of the slow fade, emphasizing subtle transformation rather than harsh juxtaposition. And yet, though there are only a few sharp edges or harshly abrasive moments, Resting Places is not an exercise in sonic sedation by any stretch of the imagination. Even at its calmest, there is a vague aura of unease that pervades throughout and finally explodes in an exquisitely and suffocatingly violent drone that closes the final piece, the aptly, solemnly titled "Tomb." Worth many, many listens. Fantastic stuff.


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