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Chloe Recordings

Chloë Recordings is a Boston-based record label devoted to new, electro-acoustic, and experimental music. Run by local avant-improvisor, Mike Bullock, the label (and its sister imprint, Chewtoy) is home to a wide-variety of new music from Boston and beyond from the musique concrete of Lionel Marchetti to the cracked electronic experiments of Bullock and Vic Rawlings.

In 2004, Chloë released two especially strong discs: Jason Kahn & Jason Lescalleet, Red Room (chloë006) and, in conjunction with Champ Records, the United States of Belt, Pancake Alley (chloë005/champ05). These two wonderful discs are very different from one another, typifying the broad range of music that Chloë publishes. Red Room features some of the warmest, thickly textured electro-acoustic improv you’re likely to hear, while Pancake Alley is a fascinating and innovative mix of field recordings and musique concrete.

Mike Bullock and Linda Aubry (of the Please and Peep) joined me in the studio on January 20th to discuss the label and to play selections from the Chloë/Chewtoy catalog, so it is fitting that Chloë should be the first featured label here on Check out the January 20th playlist. For more information, contact Chloë directly.


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