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Die Welttraumforscher
21 Welt-Standards
(Staubgold) 2CD

As most anyone who knows me can attest, I'm a sucker for all manner of eccentric German pop music, from the sweetly strange to the just plain disturbing. In other words, I am well primed to gobble up the beguiling music that Die Welttraumforscher are serving. Until this collection, however, it was damnedably difficult to find recordings by this mysterious Swiss group. 21 Welttraum-Standards is not really a definitive collection of Die Welttraumforscher's oeuvre, but rather focuses on the group at their most sunnily accessible, favoring sweet acoustic pop songs about birds, Neil Armstrong, flowers throwing parties, and all manner of beautiful things, over the group's more unusual flights of musical fancy. Though it may not reflect the full spectrum of Die Welttraumforscher activity, it's a lovely introduction, which is more than likely what most of us need. Plus, it's a near perfect accompaniment to the warm sunny days ahead.

As a most welcome bonus, Staubgold have also included a second CD ...remixen die Welttraumforscher, which was formerly available as a special white-vinyl-only edition on Felix Kubin's Gagarin imprint. This record was my introduction to the sly pleasures of Die Welttraumforscher (something for which I am quite grateful). It's a suitably odd group of songs that tend towards skewed electro-pop, with remixes by Kubin, Mouse on Mars, F.X. Randomiz, Schlammpeitziger, and others. And while they are not quite as sweetly seductive as the originals, there are plenty of sterling moments, including Nova Huta's joyous synth-pop version of "Lovetown + Mindgarden" and Klangwart's strangely alluring "Ein Feuer Aus Licht und Liebe." Pretty ace.

For more info. on Die Welttraumforscher (and to practice your German), go here.


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