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Geoff Mullen
Thirty-Six Trillion Manifestations
(self-released cd-r)

It doesn't get much lovelier than this pretty little demo from Boston/Providence musician Geoff Mullen, who, I should note, in the interests of full-disclosure, is a co-worker and friend. Thirty-Six Trillion Manifestations is six grainily textured tracks of guitar, banjo, percussion and feedback. This is a fairly lo-fi affair (that is to say no harddrives were harmed or apparently even touched during its construction), but you wouldn't know upon listening and you probably shouldn?t care, since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? And the melodic graininess of this disc is quite simply the bees knees. In terms of like-sounding artists, I suppose I'd file this under the heading "kind of like Tim Hecker crossed with early Nick Zammuto (of the Books fame)," but such comparisions miss the point. Reportedly, he's due to put out a "proper" release on Keith Whitman's new Entschuldigen label in the near future and then we can all say, "we knew him when..." Until that time, we'll content ourselves quite happily with the demo. Of course, it goes without saying that, since it is self-released, the disc is hard to come, unless you know where to look.


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