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Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Megamix

Ahhh, memories. This little official bootleg from Herr Whitman over in Somerville am-Mystic sure brings them flooding back. For anyone, like myself, who attended their fair share of Hrvatski live shows over the years, this limited edition disc is sure to send you careening down memory lane at breakneck (or is it breakbeat?) speed. Everything comes at you fast and furious in this Hrvatski live set from the summer of 2003. "Wait, wait!" you'll exclaim, "it's that track off of Oisseaux from halcyon days of the late nineties! Whoa, I remember when Mike Esp did a Cossack dance to this one! Ah, yes, I remember — it's the dance of the mad Budgie song!" Or maybe you won't. But this is more than just a mash-up of early Hrvatski dinner classics, it's got lots of unreleased material thrown in the insanely dense (mega)mix to keep you baffled and confused. I must admit that I gravitate towards KFW in his more contemplative, droning moments, but Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Mix is still good fun, even if my ears overload every time I take an aural gander. For more info from the horse's mouth, go here.


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