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Lasse Marhaug
Spaghetti Western Rainbow:
Live in Chicago (Utech)

There are only a few things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and Lasse Marhaug. For the past half decade-plus, Norway's unofficial king of noise has released a torrent of records, cassettes, and cds with the regularity of the rising sun. The volume of his output is not in itself unusual, since noise musicians are often insanely prolific. What is unusual about Lasse's mountainous catalog of releases is both its diversity (encompassing noise, microelectronics, free jazz, noise and even louder noise) and its almost unfailing high quality. Spaghetti Western Rainbow is one of a pair of new Lasse cds (he also has a smashing, good time on a new duo cd with Maja Ratkje called Music for Faking). Spaghetti documents a 2004 live set, recorded at Chicago's WNUR FM, and finds Lasse in fine, playful form, messing about with bird calls from the rainforest, Morricone guitar riffs and a thousand and one other samples to create a very cinematic thirty-three minute set. For those expecting the metal overload of last year's The Shape of Rock to Come, this disc, despite its ferocious moments, will come as something of a surprise, but a highly enjoyable one, I think.


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