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Michel Waisvisz
In Tune
(Sonig) CD

Since the late 1960s, the musician and instrument-designer Michel Waisvisz has been a champion of live electronic music performance with an emphasis on gesture and touch. As a result of his singular devotion to live electronics, Waisvisz has not released a recording in over twenty-seven years. With In Tune, he puts an end to this self-imposed draught, allowing Sonig label head Frank Dommert to collect, compile, excerpt, and collage a series of his live studio performances from 1977-1995. Featuring custom-built and designed instruments, such as the Crackle Box, as well as the software program LiSa, which was developed by Waisvisz, the nine short pieces that make up the record are strange, often raucous, almost-pop concoctions, fashioned out of electronic squawks, swoops, crackles and squeaks. There's a fair share of musical jokiness, and with track titles such as "Dutch Hop (Ouverture)" and "Levitation of a Cow," it should come as no surprise. This is something that will likely drive most sensible people straight up a tree — so consider yourself warned, sensible people! Unsensible people, however, who can weather the quirkiness (and even take some joy in it), will find In Tune is more than a collection of humorous musical tics and oddities, although it is well and truly cracked.


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