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Mid-September Back-to-School Essentials

  • Can't, "Butterfly Collector"/ " The Sun, The Sky, The World" (Ultraeczema) 7"
  • fm3, The Buddha Machine (Staalplaat) Hardware Loop Player
  • FO A RM, No. 4 (Topography Issue) Magazine with CD-r
  • The Fun Years, Minimal Hardcore (self-released) CD-r
  • Jan Jelinek, Komischer Pitch (Scape) CD
  • Steve Roden, Airforms (Line) CD
  • Henrik Rylander, Possible Risk For Pulpal Reactions (Utech) CD-r
  • Yuji Takahashi, ATAK 006 (ATAK) CD
  • Yuko Nexus6, Nexus6 Song Book (Sonore) CD
  • Zanagoria, Insight Modulation (Creel Pone) CD-r
  • V/A, Yokomono by Staalplaat Soundsystem (Staalplaat) LP
  • V/A, Iowa Ear Music (Creel Pone) CD-r


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