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November Music to be Thankful for

  • Philippe Arthuys, Le Crabe Qui Jouait Avec La Mer (Creel Pone) CDr

  • Kevin Drumm/2673, Split (Kitty Play) EP

  • Hematic Sunsets, Rendezvous Im Aroma Club (Klang der Festung) LP (An old release that’s new to me)

  • Christina Kubisch, Armonica (Semishigure) CD

  • Antti Rannisto, Ääniesineitä (12K) CD

  • Jessica Rylan/2673, Split (Kitty Play) CDr

  • Philip Samartzis, Soft and Loud (Plates of Sound) LP

  • The Sounds of Tomorrow, The Sounds of Tomorrow (Mood Mosaic Vol. 9) (RPM) CD

  • John Tulchin, The Color of Sinking Fragrance (Quixoticfish) CD

  • V/A, Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music, Vol. 2, 1966-1977 (Creel Pone) 2CDr


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