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Peter Rehberg
 Fremdkoerper (Mosz) CD

113_rehbergIt's difficult to neatly pigeonhole the music of Mego co-founder Peter Rehberg, aka Pita. He is one of the more enigmatic figures in Mego's farflung stable of digital sound artists: his work is not as predictably abrasive as that of resident noise-hound Florian Hecker, nor as consistently grainy and evocative as that of Christian Fennesz, but in my book it is the most daring, dynamic and meticulously constructed of the lot. Fremdkörper (the title means alienated bodies) is a collection of short pieces that Rehberg composed to accompany dancers in a collaborative project with the choreographer Chris Haring. On the CD, released on Stefan Nemeth's Mosz imprint, Rehberg comes in like the proverbial lamb with a quiet digital pop that then echoes out into cavernous space, in the ominous, rumbling opening piece, titled "Mutisil." But Pita by any other name (even his own) still sounds pretty damned loud, so there's no time to sink into complacency before Rehberg bears his sonic fangs ever-so briefly with a sharp burst of static before settling into an unsettling ringing organ tone. This is the first of a couple of full-stop gear changes, as Rehberg shifts from somnabulent, albeit nightmarish, drones to sharply cut-up samples in the blink of an auditory eye. It's all vaguely unnerving, which is fitting for music which has alienation (physical, psychological, and otherwise) as its avowed theme. The drones that Rehberg creates are never warmly enveloping; he favors less inviting soundscapes that teem with a menacing assortment of growls, screams (muted and unmuted), and razorlike static. Yet, compared with classic Rehberg releases like 1999's über-fantastic, super-tweaked Get Out, Fremdkörper is a bit of a wallflower. Give it a little attention, however, and you'll discern the same fantastic density of detail that is Pita's trademark.


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