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 (Public Guilt) CD

Still is Hsi-Chang Lin, the man behind the turntables in the avant hip-hop trio Dälek. For Remains, which is his first solo record, the beats are few and far between, as Lin focuses on the abstract, emphasizing texture over establishing a conventional groove. The songs are noisy, somnabulant swirls of sound, full of grainy, crackling loops and brief snatches of melody. On the surface, his approach is similar to that of UK turntablist Philip Jeck; but, as abrasive as Still's music can be on a track like the opener "Once Confronted," it is at heart still soothingly and conventionally lyrical. This is nowhere more true than on the beautifully hypnotic penultimate track, "Futility," with its lush, pop-ridden orchestral samples. A lovely record, which had me nodding off in a very good way.


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