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The Fun Years
 Why We're All Below Average
 (self-released) CD-R

This is the second cd-r by the Boston-based duo The Fun Years, a.k.a. Ben Recht (guitar, electronics) and Isaac Sparks (turntable). It is very much in the same vein as their first record. In spite of the slacker-esque resignation of its title, Why We are All Below Average is no glum meditation on mediocrity. As on their soporific debut, Now That's What I Call Droning, Vol. 4, The Fun Years create a long, oneiric mix of melodic, crackle 'n' hum 'n' buzz-filled drones that flow leisurely one into the other. Although their music is a hair more abstract this time around, with more extended periods of gentle, textural drift, Why We are All Below Average is not a dramatic shift away from the formula that made their first cd-r such an enjoyable trip. But that should come as no surprise. The Fun Years are not about stylistic sea changes or harsh musical juxtaposition, preferring to explore the pleasures of slow evolution, repetition, and decay.


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