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Jon Tulchin
 The Color of Sinking Fragrance (Quixoticfish) CD

 Although Jon Tulchin has released a number of recordings in the past, I had never heard of the Hawaii based sound artist before picking up this CD, based on little more than equal measure educated guess and impetuous whim. So chalk one up to instinct, since this is an excellent record. This debut release on Tulchin’s own Quixoticfish label is his first recording to feature composed works, and not documentary field recordings. On The Color of Sinking Fragrance Tulchin works with a combination of field recordings, found objects, turntables, and his own homemade electro-acoustic instruments. Each of the four pieces here form quietly compelling, subtly drifting narratives, rather than static, painterly soundscapes. There is something almost cinematic about the way Tulchin seems to work, developing compositions through gentle accretion and deletion, as sounds fade in and out of sharp focus. A piece like “Earth” evolves out of a single, razor thin treble tone, brushed with static, drifting through the sounds of a desolate, windswept plain, a rain-soaked forest, finally settling into a resonant bell-toned hum. An intriguing, lovely listen.


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