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Favorites from 2005

In honor of the end of the year here is an extended list of releases from 2005 that have tickled my fancy (in alphabetical order):

  • Ø, Kantamoinen (Sähkö) CD

  • Alva Noto, Transall Series (raster-noton) 3x3”CD

  • afx, Hangable Auto Bulb (Warp) CD

  • dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto, S/T (Mego) Pic Disc

  • Ditterich von Euler Donnersperg, Der Klein Fritz in Klopstockland (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) LP

  • FM3, The Buddha Machine (self-released) Hardware Loop Player

  • Yuichiro Fujimoto, Kinoe (Audio Dregs) CD

  • Gum, Vinyl Archive (23Five) 2CD

  • Institut für Feinmotorik, “Original/Fälschung” (Eventuell) 7”

  • Erkin Koray, S/T (Istanbul Plak) CD

  • Christina Kübisch, Armonica (Semishigure) CD

  • Desmond Leslie, Music of the Future (Trunk) CD

  • Douglas Lilburn, Complete Electro-Acoustic Works (Atoll) 3CD/DVD

  • Christian Marclay, Yasunao Tone, and Christian Wolff, Event (Asphodel) CD

  • Geoff Mullen, Armory Radio (self-released) 2CDr

  • Brendan Murray, Resting Places (Sedimental) CD

  • Nerve Net Noise, Radio Life (Staalplaat) CD

  • Philip Samartzis, Soft and Loud (Plates of Sound) LP

  • Sawako +, Omnibus (Community Library) CDep

  • Jon Tulchin, The Color of Sinking Fragrance (Quixoticfish) CD

  • Die Welttraumforscher, 21 Welt-Standards (Staubgold) 2CD

  • Yuko Nexus6, Translations of Sightseeing (onomato) CDr

  • Marino Zuccheri, Parete 1967 (Die Schachtel) LP

  • V/A, American Primitive, Vol. 2 (Revenant) 2CD

  • V/A, EN/OF 001-030 (Revolver Books) Book/3CD

  • V/A, GRM Archives (Ina-Grm) 5CD

  • V/A, Wahrnemungen 1980/81 (Vinyl-On-Demand) 3LP

  • The Creel Pone “reissue” series


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