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Playlist: February 9, 2006
Frequency Silence (Varjak's Set)

FM3: Loop1 from Buddha Machine (Staalplaat)
HAZARD: Wire Netting from North (Ash International)
NURSE WITH WOUND-IRR.APP.(EXT.): Part One from Mute Bell Extinction Process/Angry Eelectric Finger 3 (Beta-lactam Ring Records)
COIL: Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück from Black Light District (Eskaton)
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Ozean und Brandung from Perpetuum Mobile (Mute)
RHYTHM DEVILS: Napalm For Breakfast from The Apocalypse Now Sessions (Rykodisc)
FFWD>>: Meteor Storm from FFWD>> (Inter-Modo)
PIERRE HENRY: Divinits Paisibles from Le Voyage (Philips)
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!: Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful from F.. A..8(Constelation)
EDWARD ARTEMIEV: Solaris Part 11 from Andrey Tarkovsky Vol.3 (Toei Music)
CHRIS LIEBING/SPEEDY J: Eventide from Collabs 3000: Metalism (Novamute)
TEST DEPT.: Comrade Enver Hoxha from The Unacceptable Face of Freedom (Ministry of Power/Some Bizzare)
The KLF: America No More from America: What Time is Love? EP (KLF Communications)
DISINFORMATION: Theophany from Stargate EP (Ash International)
JOHN ADAMS: American Standard- (ii)Christian Zeal and Activity from Hobbs/Adams/Bryars: Ensemble Pieces (Obscure)
BJ NILSEN: Grappa Polar from Fade to White (Touch)
TIM HECKER: Neither More Nore Less/Aerial Silver from Mirages (Alien 8)
LOTUS EATERS: Lotus Eaters from Lotus Eaters EP (Drone)
KK. NULL/CHRIS WATSON/Z’EV: Invocation-Kami, [the Celestial] from Number One (Touch)
GIL MELLLE: Desert Trip from The Andromeda Strain Stk. (Kapp/Creel Pone)
BJORK: Batabid from Pagan Poetry EP (One Little Indian)

For those that would like a free copy of Varjak’s set, send an email to Jeff at with “Frequency Silence” in the subject line. Please include all relevent information, such as your name, mailing address, etc. He will ship internationally.


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