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Janek Schaefer
Migration (Bip-Hop) CD

 Composed for a site-specific dance in which the dancers were suspended high above the audience on bungee cords, Janek Schaefer’s latest release is made, appropriately enough, using sounds from above, such as birds, radio transmissions, and pipe organ. Though divided into four parts, Migration is a unified piece, best heard straight-through. Beginning with the soft sound of rustling leaves (or is it fluttering wings? or even static?), Migration remains serene and contemplative throughout its first section, “To Nariobi To Manaus to Walton,” which is a beautiful and subtly rendered collage of, among other things, birdsong, voices, delicate rain soaked static, and melodic electronic hums. Things take off, quite literally, in the three subsequent pieces, in which organ tones and choral samples, mixed with sounds that snap and crackle like kindling, eventually build into a delirious, sonic euphoria, before dissipating into the ether. A beautiful release.


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