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John Duncan, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Vaisanen
Nine Suggestions (All Questions) CD

 As you would expect from this powerhouse trio, Nine Suggestions comes like the proverbial lion, with a ferocious maelstrom of crackling, bristling static that eventually merges with pulsing electronics and an ominous hum. The seething electronics continue with a blast of intense, howling feedback that initiates the aptly named second track, “Volume.” Over the course of this long disc, which contains works created by the trio over a three-year period, its character moderates and softens, as Duncan, Vainio, and Väisänen explore quieter, often quite delicate textures, until by the end of “The Bristling Haze,” Nine Suggestions exits like a soft, if slightly troubled, little lamb. Every sound, from the most abrasive to the most delicately refined, is rendered with the the razor-edged precision that is the calling card for each of these three musicians. Intense.


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