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Tomas Korber, Keith Rowe, Gunter Muller
Fibre (For4Ears) CD

 Given the glut of often less than stellar cds featuring former AMM guitarist Keith Rowe that have flooded the improv market in the last three years or so, I approached this latest release with more than a little trepidation. Once I finally gave it a proper listen, however, it was patently clear that my fears were unwarranted. The trio of Rowe (guitar, electronics), the always impressive Swiss improviser, Tomas Korber (guitar, electronics) and the estimable, yet somehow underrated, Günter Müller (iPod, electronics) recorded these pieces during a day of improvising in November 2004. The results, which were subsequently mixed and mastered by Korber, are three, intricately wrought pieces comprised of myriad crackles, twangs and sandpaper scratches bathed in a gauzey mist of static. One can happily get lost in the many layers of detail, following the subtle threads of sonic activity woven into the delicate hiss and warm hum. Despite the washes of static that run throughout, each piece is full of drama, subtle complexity, and moments of exquisite tension. A fantastic release.


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