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May 04 on Rare Frequency

This week things take a geographical turn as RF takes you on a sonic journey ‘round the world, courtesy of the wonderful Sound Transit site. We’ll then do something constructive with Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlman’s 1982 interpretation of Paul Hindemith’s 1930 operetta for children, “Wir Bauen Eine Stadt” (We Build A Town). This was a rare, cassette-only recording that’s just been reissued on Felix Kubin’s Gagarin Records and it’s a real treat!

As if that all weren’t enough, I’ll play music by Finns pretending to be Russians evoking the glories of Mother Russia and a Dane’s recordings of his visits to the Zone.

As for what else is in store, now’s neither the time nor the place. Tune in Thursday night.


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