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May 18 on Rare Frequency

Ohhhh, my goodness, be still my beating heart! There’s a new vinyl edition of early Ø (aka Mika Vainio) on Sähkö. It’s called Aste and it’s quite amazing. I’ll play selections from that, as well as other classic Sähkö releases. As if Ø weren’t enough, there’s also a new Sleeparchive remix of Rhythm and Sound on Burial Mix, which I’ll take for a spin. Plus, I’ll crank up the drones with a piece by Elaine Radigue and, perhaps, an and/OAR disc or two. Maybe I’ll even kick out some improv jams courtesy of Texas’ Rick Reed and other of his ilk. Who knows?

Of course, they’ll be much more. All for your listening pleasure.


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