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Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars (Infraction) CD

 This evocatively titled cd is the first proper (as in not horribly limited) release by Brian Grainger aka Milieu. As its title suggests, Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars is quiet and contemplative, consisting of a series of four drifting, tidal drones that explore and exploit the glories of repetition and decay. The sounds are lush and orchestral, vaguely reminiscent of Wolfgang Voigt’s work as Gas, but without the propulsive 4/4 beat and bass pulse. The pieces simply ebb and flow in subtly shifting patterns, evolving and unfolding slowly over time. I suppose one could kvetch a bit that Grainger wears influences, such as William Basinski or perhaps Soviet France, a bit too openly; but why quibble when the results are well-executed and so hypnotically pleasurable? A beautiful record. Enough said.


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