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S/T (Rune Grammofon) CD

 Phonophani is the nom de guerre of Norway’s Espen Sommer Eide, who is also one half of Alog. This self-titled release is a reissue of Eide’s 1998 debut, which was first released on Geir Jenssen’s’s Biophon label. Now that the weather has taken a seasonable turn here in Boston (that is to say, it’s now sunny and warm), this self-titled cd has become my early summer soundtrack of choice. I suppose this is a smidge ironic, since the average summer temperature in Eide’s native Norway hovers somewhere around 68°F; however, the music on this ingenious record pulses with an incandescent warmth that’s akin to the reverberant pleasures of dub, whilst only rarely having any direct structural affinity. Though made in 1998, each of the tracks sound as if they could have been made yesterday (or tomorrow, for that matter). This quality of timelessness is likely due at least in part to Eide’s impressive and much ballyhooed programming skills, but also his inventive and evocative use of a multitude of acoustic instruments, samples, and field recordings. A beautiful, intricately textured record.


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