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Music De Wolfe, Volume 1 (Megaphone Unlimited) CD

 The De Wolfe sound library in London is one of the largest and longest-running music libraries in the world. Founded in 1909, De Wolfe first provided music to accompany silent films before evolving into a provider of incidental music and soundtracks for radio, film and television with credits on everything from Monty Python’s Flying Circus to Brokeback Mountain. Not surpisingly, music from the De Wolfe vaults has produced ample fodder for DJs, providing funky breaks, wailing horns, groovy strings and the like to many a hip-hop track or club mix. One such DJ is Baltimore’s Jason Willett, who put together this thoroughly enjoyable collection of De Wolfe instrumental funk classics from the sixties and seventies. From the opening salvo of bongos and driving bass on Keith Papworth’s “Hard Hitter” to the screaming horns that close out P. Kass’ “Sweet Destruction,” Music De Wolfe, Volume 1 is a relentless mix of driving beats, joyously swinging jazz, and cinematic funk. There’s nary a dud in this well-chosen collection, which features musicians, such as Nick Ingram, Peter Reno, Roger Webb and Alan Parker, who are well-known figures among library music enthusiasts. As its title suggests, this single disc is by no means the last word on the groovy glories of De Wolfe, but it is a fine introduction that will very likely leave you wanting more. Fortunately, there’s a lot out there to sate your desire for De Wolfe, including a variety of not-impossible-to-find compilations, as well as reissues and, of course, for you intrepid types, the original records. But, then again, you can always wait patiently for volume two.


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