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My Fun
Idyll EP (Test Tube) mp3

 My Fun is the slightly eccentric nom de guerre of Justin Hardison, a musician, who uses field recordings, lush electronics and samples to make quite lovely, if also quite bittersweet music. With this, his second mp3 release, Hardison has refined the basic template that made his first, The Quality of Something Audible, such an enjoyable, quirky treat, creating a more stylistically cohesive release. As its title implies, Idyll EP is pastoral and contemplative in tone, full of the soft chiming of bells and quiet, percussive creaks and crackles. The four tracks unlock and evolve at a leisurely pace linked together with a loose, sketchlike sense of narrative, together with a similar palette of sounds and samples. The overall sequence of Idyll of field recordings (rain, children’s voices, birds, wind) and delicately processed organic sounds evokes subtle emotional and atmospheric shifts over time, drawing you very gently into its charmingly relaxed soundscape, before dumping you unceremoniously back into reality at its conclusion. Appropriately idyllic listening.


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