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Set Your Center Between
Your Parts In Order To
(Raster-Noton) CD

 With his close attention to the finer details of rhythm and texture, you’d think that Pixel, aka Jon Egeskov, had at one time been a percussionist, but the Danish musician was in fact trained not as a drummer, but as a saxophonist. Set Your Center Between Your Parts in Order To, Egeskov’s second album as Pixel, is all about rhythmic intricacies, with criss-crossing polyrhythmic patterns forming the complex skeletal structure of each of its five, insidiously groovy tracks. The forms are inspired by traditional African drumming, but the sonic building blocks are pure 21st-century post-digital with percussive bursts of static and delicate showers of crackle ‘n’ hiss coupled with precise, sub-bass pulses. Each of the pieces develops out a simple set of ingredients, which accrete and evolve into ever greater complexity. From the delicate rhythmic taps that usher in the opener “Drum” to the insistent, 24-pin, high quality beats that close out “.Matix,” the music is infectious, adhering to an underlying funk imperative that is by no means coolly antiseptic. Supremely and cerebrally groovy stuff.


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