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Hospital Tracks (Sleeparchive) 2x12"

 Chalk it up to my nostalgic nature, but for me Sleeparchive was pretty much the alpha and omega of minimal techno in 2006. Though I’m a mere dabbler when it comes to four to the floor, I ate up Sleeparchive’s reheated and reconfigured take on early nineties Finnish and Detroit techno, gobbling up every 12” and remix by Berlin’s mysterious Stephan Metzger (née Roger Semsroth) and revelling in his woofer shredding set at the now-defunct 808 space in Chinatown. Metzger has never made a secret of his love of the seminal records by Richie Hawtin and Ø (aka Pan Sonic’s Mika Vainio), whose Metri in particular acts as kind of sonic blueprint for Sleeparchive’s precise, looped constructions of curvaceous bleeps and bottomless bass. There’s nothing wrong with following such a well-plotted path, especially when your execution is as spot-on superlative as Sleeparchive’s. On “Hospital Tracks,” Metzger stays on message, retaining the essential, fantastically ascetic Ø-ish foundation, while displaying a bit of cinematic Detroit panache and acid-soaked atmospherics on tracks like “Diagnosis” and the mesmerizing “Null Sekunden” than in the past. With such a stripped-down aesthetic, the heaven in the nine “Hospital Tracks” is in the details: the pixellated bursts of static, the bone-dry crackles and pops, and, of course, those astounding subterranean bass pulses that are Metzger’s calling card. Ultimately, although “Hospital Tracks” might remind you of Metzger’s illustrious predecessors from Turku and Windsor, it could be no one but Sleeparchive, as his indellible stamp on the pattern has made it his own.


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His name is actually Roger Semsroth (the Metzger name is another moniker), for what that’s worth. Nice review, though.

Thanks for the correction! I had forgotten about his multiple monikers.

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