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Amplified Architecture: The RF Dream Home

For all you RF house-hunters, I give you — the Mix House! It may not have granite countertops and a Viking stove, but it does have sonic windows and an interior audio system controlled from the kitchen island. The brainchild of architects, Joel Sanders and Karen Van Lengen, and media artist, Ben Rubin, the Mix House incorporates sound into the home’s architecture in a rather novel way. Rather than filtering sound out, the Mix House allows occupants to shape the sounds around them, creating their own domestic soundscapes by amplifying and mixing everything from ambient environmental noise to radio and television transmissions. Take a look ‘n’ listen to the Mix House video, and for a full explanation of the project, check out Joel Sanders’ website (look under the “Projects” section) or take a peek at the excellent BLDGBLOG, which is where I first laid eyes on this.


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