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Footage: BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Since I’m so smitten with the new Daphne Oram Oramics 2CD set on Paradigm (look for my review shortly), it seems fitting to post a link to this 2005 BBC documentary, Alchemists of Sound, about the Radiophonic Workshop. Sadly, although Oram was a founding member, she is mentioned only in passing, but there is just so much to enjoy here with lots of vintage footage of John Baker, Brian Hodgson, and Delia Derbyshire, whose long-lost album Electrosonic has recently been reissued on Glo-Spot! A small warning about the video: there is an odd, bearded male figure and an oversized watch that pop up in the background during contemporary interviews throughout the documentary. It’s annoying.

You can find the video on YouTube here
or download it here.


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