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March 29 on Rare Frequency

Congratulations on another week! To celebrate I’ll play music from the new deluxe and delightful Otomo Yoshihide CD/DVD, as well as some Vietnamese tunes from Gia Dinh and a bit of Javanese Gamelan music (both from new CDs on Felmay). Beyond that, who knows? New music from the Room40 imprint? A few more selections from alva noto and Senking? If I were a gambler, I’d bet on it.

In other news, at long, long last Podcast 17: Domestic Bliss is up for your downloading enjoyment. You can also check out photos from last week’s in-studio performance by Jay Sullivan at the Rare Frequency Flickr page with a podcast due up shortly. Finally, I’ve started writing for Dusted Magazine, so check out my extended review of the new Salah Ragab CD, if you’re so inclined!


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