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Pablo Reche & Ubeboet
Duae (Retinascan) CDr

 This collaborative release between Argentinian sound artist, Pablo Reche, and Spanish musician and Conv founder, Miguel Talosa (aka Ubeboet) is an exquisite collection of shuddering, seismic drones. Created using field recordings, which are then processed into haunting abstraction, each piece on Duae is spacious and stark, churning with deep rumbles, roiling electronics, and the occasional static burst. There is nothing radically new about the process or the sound sources here; Duae’s power lies not in the novelty of its production, but rather in the precision of its execution and the subtleties of its composition. There are many points of tension, drama, and release in these dystopic soundscapes, beyond the parabolic structural arc of so many abstract drones. From the dark, tectonic shifts of the appropriately weighty, “Graviter,” which is the cornerstone of the CDr, to the hivelike buzz and soft, warped crackle of the closer, “Natura Duce,” Duae rewards attentive listening.


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