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Devin Sarno & G.E. Stinson
Heart Cell Memory (Squirrel Girl) CD

 Ah, bittersweet soporific bliss! This debut collaborative release by bassist Devin Sarno and guitarist G.E. Stinson is all about the inexact science of auditory oceanic drift. Each of the pieces on this meditative record is an exercise in slow-motion sonic decompression and measured release. Sounding like a more restrained version of the bleary-eyed immersiveness of Stars of the Lid crossed with a less melodically structured Loscil, Sarno and Stinson combine ghostly low-end rumbles with exquisite high frequencies to create four lovely, occasionally unsettling drones. It’s a record that a label like Kranky would kill for, although, truth be told, Heart Cell Memory has a lot more bite than the Chicago label’s often toothless fare. This is music to put your weary ears —if not your troubled mind—at ease. Beautiful stuff.


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