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DJ /Rupture vs. Filastine
Shotgun Wedding Volume Six
(Violent Turd) CD

 Just in time for hotter weather, here’s the latest installment in the Shotgun Wedding series on Kid 606’s Violent Turd imprint. For those unfamiliar with Rupture (Jace Clayton), who cut his teeth in Boston back in the late 90s, his “Secret Google Cheat Codes” mix is a first-rate introduction to his thrilling blend of east and west, pop and not. In the course of his far-ranging set, he blends dubstep, soul, spoken word, modern folk, and North African hip-hop (among many other things) to create an exhilaratingly virtuoso mix. Timeblind, Justin Timberlake, Various Productions, Neko Case, and Skream are just a few of the artists that appear over the course of Rupture’s intense and utterly engaging set. For his part, Filastine, who has released records on Rupture’s Soot label, weaves field recordings from his far-flung travels throughout his similarly expansive DJ mix. Titled “The Mud, The Blood, & the Beer: A Fistfight with the Near East,” it’s a grit-flecked melange of his own music, Arto Lindsay, Hrvatski, Venetian Snares, and loads of Balkan brass and near eastern hip-hop. With its occasional odd time signatures and the like, Filament’s mix is not as infectious as Rupture’s delectable, party-ready mash-up; but be patient, it just burrows a bit more slowly into your brain.

-Susanna Bolle


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