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Imaginary Rooms, /Ruptured

In case you weren’t already aware, DJ /Rupture, jungle-breakcore-dubstep-whatnot DJ extraordinaire (and Massachusetts native), is back in the States after seven years in Spain. He also has a killer weekly radio show called Mudd Up! on the venerable WFMU. And, he’s joined forces with Geoff Manaugh over at BLDBLOG on a voicemail-as-public-recording-booth project, which will be integrated into his weekly show. The two have signed up for a joint voicemal account and are soliciting input — now you can become an anonymous voicemail/radio star! They’re kicking things off with an “extra room fantasy” question. “Whaa?” you may ask. For answers and further information, don’t dial 411, check the following:

BLDBLOG: To delete this building, press 3

For those in the Boston area, heads up! DJ /Rupture will be headlining Bouncement 2 on July 28 at Great Scott. Check the Beat Research site for details.


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