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An Interview with Jarrod Fowler

Boston sound artist Jarrod Fowler will be performing live on Rare Frequency on July 19, 2007. In his work, Jarrod—who is a percussionist by training—focuses closely on rhythm, but his approach, which is influenced by conceptual and minimal art, is analytical and often unconventional. His first CD, Translation As Rhythm was released on Brandon LaBelle’s Errant Bodies label in 2006. This interview with Jarrod was conducted by email during the week prior to the show.

Tell me a little bit about your background. Do you come from a musical background, as such? If not, how did you become interested in making music?

_e__, I co_e _ro_ _ ___i__ o_ _usici_ns, _o__ pro_ession__ _n_ no_. __ ____er __s _ _ru__er, _n_ so I __s e_pose_ _o _ru_s _n_ __ine_ e_perience p___in_ __e_ __en I __s _oun_. Ne__ I p_r_icip__e_ in sc_o__s_ic __n_s _n_ e_en_u____ _oine_/_or_e_ _roups o_ __ o_n. ___er recei_in_ so_e ___r_s in _i__ sc_oo_, I ___en_e_ __e Ne_ Sc_oo_ Uni_ersi__’s ____ pro_r__ __ere I s_u_ie_ _i__ Re__ie _or___n. _o_e_er, __i_e in N_C I __s _ore en___e_ _i__ _ip-_op __ic_ _e_ _e _o __in __e _c_u_in__nce o_ cer__in “Sou_-__u_ri_ns” _n_ _o__s _i_e Sco__ S_orc_..

What sparked (and continues to inspire) your interest abstract music and sound art?

__ in_eres_ in __s_r_c_ _usic _n_ soun_ _r_ __s ini_i____ inspire_ __ _o_n Co__r_ne’s/R_s_ie_ __i’s recor_ In_ers_e___r Sp_ce. I __s _i_en _ cop_ o_ __e C_ __ __ _r_n__o__er. I _on’_ __in_ ____ ei__er o_ us _ere prep_re_ _or i_s con_en_! Si_u___neous__, I __s _is_enin_ _o _n_ ___in_ _ip-_op _usic. I __s _os___ inspire_ __ __e _ini___is_ o_ _e_roi_’s ___ _ee, _n_ __e si_u___ion o_ P_i___’s ?ues__o_e. O____ enou__, i_ is __eir _or_s ____ _urne_ _e _o__r_s _o_n C__e, __u_us, 2n_ ___e _ini___is_ _n_ con_e_por_r_ _usics. ___er _o_in_ _o _os_on in 2001, I __s ener_i_e_ __ __e _SC _n_ i_s _e__ers [_n_ __eir _rien_s!]. __e _or_s o_ __e _os_on cre_ _e_ _e _o _eco_e en___e_ _i__ (____ so_e _i___ c___) ___e-_o_erni__, speci_ic____ __e _or_s o_ Concep_u__is_. _ere I _ec__e _e__i__ inspire_ __ e_r__ concep_u__is_s _i_e _osu__, _e_i__, _ue__er, _einer _n_ _ore. Ne__, _o_ie S_e__er in_ro_uce_ _e _o __e _or_ o_ __I__ _n_ _r_n_on ___e__e, __o _usici_ns ____ ___e inspire_ (_n_ _e_pe_ _o pro_uce) __ recen_ _n_ curren_ _or_s _n_ pro_ec_s. __ pri__r_ inspir__ion is __e __ou___ o_ r_____ _n_ percussion, __o see_in___ _oun__ess _ie__s open _o con_inu__ re_ie_..

You work a lot with natural objects in your work, how does your interest in biology and botany intersect with what you do as a percussionist?

_s __ pri__r_ _ocus is r_____, __ _or_ _s _ _or_icu__uris_ (__ pro_ession) _eeps _e con_inu____ en___e_ _i__ __e se_sons, _ _ro__er _e_sure_en_ o_ _i_e, _n_ _n o__er (__e p__n_ _in__o_). Ini_i____ I __s in_eres_e_ in __e s_s_e_s o_ _ie__-_ui_es, _orp_o_o__, ___ono__ _n_ __eir _r_ns___ion. No_ I see_ _o _in_ __se__ _ore en___e_ _i__ poe_ics.

Are there any artists, musicians, writers, who have particularly influenced/inspired what you do?

In ___i_ion _o __e n__es _en_ione_ __o_e (_n_ __eir _ssoci__es), I’_ con_inu____ inspire_ __ cer__in p_i_osop_ers, __in_ers, _ri_ers, _r_is_s _n_ _o_e_en_s suc_ _s Nie__sc_e, _i___ens_ein, _uc___p, __r_o_, _ri_n Eno, _enne__ _o__s_i__ _n_ pos_-_o_ernis_ in _ener__.

What are some of the current and upcoming projects and/or releases?

__ secon_ C_ _i__e_ “Percussion _s percussion” _i__ _e pu__is_e_ __ U_’s In_or___ion _s ___eri__ __is Sep_e__er _n_ _i__ pre_iere __ __e N_C _r_ _oo_ __ir. I __so ___e _ sp_i_ c_sse__e _i__ Op_i_re (ou_ o_ ___s_on/_ri___on) _ue ou_ _n_ ___ no_.


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