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August/September 2007

a little bit longer than usual, but not all that much

  • Ø, Ikuinen (Sähkö) 12”
  • Sir Richard Bishop, While My Guitar Violently Bleeds (Locust) CD
  • James Blackshaw, The Cloud of Unknowing (Tompkins Square) CD
  • Pedro Carniero, Improbable Transgressions (Sirr Records) 2CD
  • COH, Strings (Raster-Noton) 2CD
  • COH, Super Suprematism (Post-Pop) CD
  • Darqwan, “Rob One 7” (Texture) 12”
  • For Barry Ray, New Days (Room40) CD
  • Giuseppe Ielasi, August (12k CD
  • Maga Bo, Confusion of Tongues (Soot)
  • Mofongo, Mofongo (Aagoo) CD
  • Ophibre, Red (Electronic Diversity) CD
  • Anthony Pateras, Chasms (Sirr Records) CD
  • V/A, Lipa Kodi Ya City Council (Mississippi Records) LP
  • V/A, Rembetika: Greek Music From the Underground (JSL) 4CD


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