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Excavated Shellac

I’m a lazy fan of 78s. I love to hear so much of the music, but am not inclined to unearth these brittle treasures myself. Thankfully, there are some generous collectors out there who are willing to share the fruits of their labors. In late November, the Dust to Digital label will release Black Mirror, a wonderful collection of global music from 1918-55 curated by Ian Nagoski. For those who need an immediate and regular fix, I heartily recommend the weekly Excavated Shellac mp3 blog. It features a wonderful selection of “folkloric and vernacular music from around the world.” Past offerings have included music from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Congo, Sierra Leone, Ireland, France, Andalusia, Argentina, and more. There are some real gems out there.

Here’s the link: Excavated Shellac


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Many thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the music!


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