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Podcast 25: Supremely RF


The RF podcast has hit the quarter century mark — woot! In honor of this quasi-auspicious occasion, I bust out not one but two new tracks by COH (including a cracking semi-rarity), as well as not one but two tracks from Pedro Carneiro’s Improbable Transgressions 2CD (which I inexplicably misidentify on mic as Impossible Transgressions — whoops). There’s also fresh music from Giuseppe Ielasi, White Williams, Frank Bretschneider, and Jessica Rylan (yes, I mispronounce the name of her song, “Phantasia,” just to make things extra special — whoops again). There are also some golden oldies in the mix for your listening pleasure, so enjoy!

Rare Frequency Podcast 25: Supremely RF

(opening music: Raymond Scott, “Portofino,” Manhattan Research, Inc. (Basta) 4CD)


COH, "Untitled 10 " Super Suprematism (Post-Pop) CD 2007


White Williams, "Lice In the Window" Smoke (Tigerbeat6) CD 2006


Frank Bretschneider, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" Rhythm (Raster-Noton) CD 2007


Pedro Carneiro, "For Ralf Wehowsky" Improbable Transgressions (Sirr Records) 2CD 2007


Ralf Wehowsky, "In Gespannter Erwartung" Improbable Transgressions (Sirr Records) 2CD 2007


Jessica Rylan, "Phantasia" Interior Designs (Important Records) CD 2007


Marconi Notaro, "Oh, Greedy Life!" No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios (Time-Lag) CD 2007


Giuseppe Ielasi, "1" August (12k) CD 2007


COH, "Spiritoso, Con Amore" Strings (Raster-Noton) 2CD 2007


Kraftwerk, "Elektrisches Roulette" Ralf and Florian (Germanofon) CD 2007


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