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Ignaz Schick/Dawid Szczesny
The View Underneath (Non Visual Objects) CD

 This latest release on Heribert Friedl’s Non Visual Objects label features improviser and turntablist Ignaz Schick and sound artist Dawid Szczesny. While Schick is a well-known member of Berlin’s improv and sound art scene, Szczesny is a less familiar name, active in Poland’s sound art and hip hop scenes. On this, their first collaboration, the pair use turntables, sine waves, all manner of unnamed objects, and a laptop to generate an array of scrapes, hums, hisses, high tones, crackles, and sheets of gauzy static. The music is noisy, yet delicate and carefully constructed with subtle melodic elements or intimations thereof lingering amidst the clang and clatter. The 8 unnamed pieces flow almost imperceptibly one into the other, so that The View Underneath seems to develop and unfold with the drifting logic of a dream. A thoughtful and surprisingly beautiful record.


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