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Shiverland (Serac) CD

 After a spate of unseasonably temperate weather here in Boston, the mercury’s finally dipped below freezing and it’s snowing like the dickens — so now is an appropriate time to listen to Shiverland. The album is by a Los Angeles-based musician named Ryan Connor, and, in spite of its title, it is not what one would typically describe as cold. Like Montreal drone artist, Tim Hecker, Connor blankets drifting melodies and pulsating drones in layer upon layer of static and off-white noise that is warm, enveloping, and also rather disquieting. As a rule, Connor’s music is less abrasive and dramatic than Hecker’s. It unfolds and intensifies gradually, as Connor seems focused on creating a distinct, subtly charged atmosphere within each piece. It’s quite lovely, if disquieting listen. You can download the whole record and listen for yourself at:

Susanna Bolle


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