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Rephlex (Electroton) CD

 Nuremberg’s Martin Weiss makes the kind of burbling electronics that recalls the glitchy melodicism of Microstoria, where Oval’s Markus Popp met Mouse on Mars’ Jan St. Werner. All the hallmarks are there: the soft padding of skipping CDs, the subtly subverted Krautrockian grooves, the fractured, but very-much-there song structures. And, for my money, this is a good thing. On this debut CD on his own Electroton label, Weiss gives a vigorous, well-aimed nod to classic Cologne quirks ‘n’ cuts that, while not radical or groundbreaking, is still unabashedly enjoyable. Don’t let the cool, minimalist packaging and time-track song titles fool you, Weiss is trafficking in a decidedly warm and quirky variant of post-techno digitalia.


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