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February 2008

  • Kuniharu Akiyama, Obscure Tape Music of Japan, Vol. 6: The Tape Works of Kuniharu Akiyama 1 (Edition Omega Point) CD
  • Asher, Intervals (The Land of) CD
  • Autistici, Volume Objects (12k) CD
  • Brethren of the Free Spirit, All Things are from Him, through Him and in Him (AudioMER) CD
  • Jean-Claude Eloy, Gaku-No-Michi (Creel Pone) 2xCDr
  • Eli Keszler, Livingston (Rare Youth) LP
  • Ashley Paul, Dol (Rel) CDr
  • Denis Smalley, The Pulses of Time (Creel Pone) CDr)
  • Yoshi Wada, Lament For the Rise and Fall of the elephantine Crocodile (EM) CD
  • Weiss Rephlex (Electroton) CD
  • Various, Obsession (Bully) CD


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