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March 2008

  • Aleph-1, Aleph-1 (Ideal) CD
  • Autechre, Quaristice (Warp) CD
  • Benga, Diary of an Afro Warrior (Tempa) 2LP
  • Mariola Brillowska and Felix Kubin, H.o.n.d. (A-Musik) CD
  • Ersen, Ersen (Finders Keepers) CD
  • Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, The Breadwinner (Erstwhile) CD
  • Geoff Mullen, Gathered in the Ruins/Static Dreams (Rare Youth) Cassette
  • Brendan Murray, Commonwealth (23Five) CD
  • Pita, Get Out (Editions Mego) CD
  • Ghislain Poirier, No Ground Under (Ninja Tune) CD
  • Various, Garden of Forking Paths (Important) CD


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