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March 20 on Rare Frequency
R.I.P. Tim Haslett

This past week brought very sad news, when I learned that Tim Haslett, one of the most influential figures in the Boston electronic music scene, died unexpectedly last Thursday. Tim was a longtime ZBC DJ, hosting amazing shows such as “Hardwired” and “Funk to the Folks.” He was also an inspiring writer and critic, and an awfully nice (and incredibly smart) person. I first met him when he worked at the late, lamented Other Music in Cambridge, where he would wax poetic about everything from Thomas Brinkmann to the most obscure Southern hip-hop. His enthusiasms were intense and infectious, and my bank account—though certainly not my record collection—was always the worse for wear after our conversations. Later, when I worked at Forced Exposure and he was buying for Twisted Village, I was his sales rep and had the privilege to talk with him each week about his then red hot passion for grime and dubstep. He was always three months to three years ahead of anyone else. I can’t say that I knew Tim well, but I can say his absence will be acutely and profoundly felt.

During the first part of this week’s show, I’ll play some Tim-inspired music: a bit of early jungle, dubstep, techno, and the like. For those in Boston, please note that next Monday, there will be a Tim Haslett memorial night at Beat Research at the Enormous Room in Cambridge.


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