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Proto-Raster: A.G. Geige

Last week the founders of Germany’s Raster-Noton imprint—Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, and Byetone— were in town for a (blindingly brilliant) show of minimal electronics at the Middlesex, as part of Non-Event. Their visit spurred me to revisit the most famous pre-rasterite project, A.G. Geige, which featured Bretschneider and Olaf Bender (aka Byetone), along with Jan and Ina Kummer. The band, who were active in the late eighties, was wildly eccentric and distinctly UNminimal. You can view a photo set, listen to the song “Fischlein,” and watch a video or two at Podcast.Parocktikum. Enjoy.


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