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Solar Bridge (Hanson) CD

 Although Solar Bridge is this Ohio trio’s first proper CD release, they already have a voluminous discography brimming with limited-edition cassettes, LPs and CDrs. Plus they’ve built a reputation as a fearsome live band; by all accounts, their live set at this year’s No Fun in NYC was a high point of the festival (watch this video clip to get a taste). Much to my chagrin, in spite of their bulging back catalog, Solar Bridge marks my introduction to Emeralds’ music and it’s a doozy: two extended tracks of glorious, pulsating analog synthesizer and guitar drones. Emeralds’ music has a definite neo-kosmische Popol Vuh / Klaus Schulze vibe, but with some serious bite lurking beneath the hallucinatory bliss.

—Susanna Bolle


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