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Akane Hosaka
Niko Niko Denki Music (Sonore) CD

 We live in serious times; the kind of times that cry out for seriously silly music. Luckily, musician Akane Hosaka understands this and is eminently suited to satisfy the world’s need for sweet sonic goofiness. Hosaka makes quirky electronic instrumental pop that recalls the playfully weird Moog tunes made by Jean-Jacques Perrey, Raymond Scott and their ilk in the late sixties. Her music is full of catchy hooks, jaunty melodies and lots of bloops and burbles. The tunes are truly infectious. I find it nearly impossible to get the ultra-groovy tune of “Ponkotsu 23 Gou” out of my head—not that I try all that hard—and don’t get me started on the frenetic Speak ‘n’ Spell weirdness of “Crazy Crazy Popnn Speakers.” No matter how dour your mood or sour your countenance, this is the perfect sonic mood leavener. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

-Susanna Bolle


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